Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Irish perform well at home JK

Irish senior orienteers performed well at the JK2011. following 3 hotly contested races 5 senior team members have been selected for WOC in France.

The sprint event on Friday saw a very tough challenge through the buildings of Queens and Stranmillis college. The top 3 Irish Men and Women were:

Nicolas Simonin - 15.03
Seamus O'Boyle - 15.24
David Healy - 15.26

Niamh O'Boyle - 15.09
Toni O'Donovan - 16.03
Ciara Largey - 17.02

Saturday brought the extra challenge of Sunny conditions and the intricate contour detail of Tyrella sand dunes. Top Irish were:

David Healy - 37.36
Marcus Pinker - 40.00
Nicolas Simonin - 41.47

Niamh O'Boyle - 42.06
Toni O'Donovan - 42.50
Ciara Largey - 43.56

Sunday saw some classic Irish mountain orienteering with the festival visiting Slieve Croob. Top 3 Irish were:

Nicolas Simonin - 82.04
David Healy - 86.16
Marcus Pinker - 86.20

Toni O'Donovan - 71.21
Ciara Largey - 73.45
Aislinn Austin - 87.13

There were many other solid performances by the Irish seniors. Overall results were very pleasing and provide evidence of real progress in the build up to the summers major competitions.
Full JK results can be viewed here:

During the JK weekend a squad meeting was held to discuss future possible changes within the sport at the elite level, in particular possible changes in the World championship format. A brief discussion was then held on squad goals, the meeting ended with seniors modelling their Ireland Trimtex kit for a new squad photo.

Next weekend see's the seniors scrapping it out again for the glory of being Irish champion at the IOC hosted by AJAX.

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